Quannapowitt is the oldest inland boat club in America, founded in 1884. We are a family oriented boat club whose mission is to keep sailing costs low, and are perhaps "the best kept secret" and one of the most affordable boat clubs in eastern Massachusetts..


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Come join us and get away from the daily grind in the wholesome outdoors. You can enjoy sailing near the city and near home in Wakefield at the Quannapowitt Yacht Club.

The Club features many active sailboat Fleets . QYC sailors are active in local, regional, and national regattas. Our racing calendar runs from May through mid-October each year. The facility is open all year for indoor activities.

QYC is located at the end of Linda Road, at the flashing light on North Avenue in Wakefield just South of Rt. 128 exit 39. At the end of the road, each social event and each sailing event is like a small vacation.

Membership is open to qualified individuals and families.Give us a call at (339) 203-9201 or send e-mail for more information.

Summer is not over... Sunday Sailing, Last Blasts, and Chaos!

It might be getting a bit chilly outside but there is plenty of the 2015 sailing season left.  We will be sailing on Sundays as usual until October 11th.  On Saturday October 3rd the Flying Scot Fleet will be hosting their "Chaos Coup" that is allways a fun and well attended event.  The following weekend on Saturday October 10th is the Laser Fleet's "Last Blast Regatta".

Adult Sailing Lessons

This is an exciting and fun way of introducing the sport of sailing small sailboats or just getting a refresher course.  Lessons are given by current members in their own boats but provisions can be made to use one of the many club boat that QYC has to offer.  Please check the QYC Calendar for registration dates for next year. 

Get Ready For 2014

The winter may have seemed longer this year but the club will be open before you know it! 

The club is offering discounts for new members to take advantage of this year.  The fee for adult sailing lessons can also be applied to new memberships.   Basically new members can join the club and get adult sailing lessons for free!

2015 Last Blast Laser Regatta

October 10, 2015 is the Last Blast Laser Regatta at QYC!

Spring Meeting Notice

I expect you are all as ready for another sailing season as I am. We will kick off the sailing season on Friday, April 12, with our annual Spring meeting. Please plan to join us. And don't forget that we will be opening the club the next morning and we will need your help! The crane will arrive promptly at 8:00!


Your 2013 Board welcomes you to another season of sailing, whether you are a serious racer or a casual cruiser (or a little of both). Please read the rest of this email in preparation for the upcoming meeting.

Open Houses Are Coming

Sailings a Breeze at QYC!
Come see our facilities and find out what a great time you can have at QYC.
Come join us at one of our 2013 Open Houses:  May 18 9am - 12pm;
May 29 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm; June 2 1:00 am- 4:00 pm. 

Ask about our 1st year membership special discounts!

Life Jackets Required

Water is both the medium our sport is played in and a substance so dangerous that the National Safety Council reports that over 7000 people drown annually.

Swimmers are not immune; one quarter of all who die are swimmers.

Spring Meeting and Docks-In Day

Welcome to spring!

The warm weather is making early sailing look like a real possibility this year. I hope you had time this past weekend to at least look under the winter cover.

Our Annual Spring Meeting is this Friday at 7:00. I look forward to seeing you there. My original speaker had to drop out, but I have asked a great alternative to talk on wind shifts and will hear today. Plan “B” is an instructional video with lots of racing action. Either one will be short and a good way to prime your brain for the upcoming season.

Chaos - Another Great Regatta!

Winners Roger and laura Sharp
Winners Roger Sharp and his daughter Laura Sharp dominated the entire day.

We had another great "Chaos Cup" regatta last fall on October 17th at the Quannapowitt Yacht Club in Wakefield Massachusetts with seven boats attending. As always the QYC members pulled together to help out on the race committee boats and back at the club house in the kitchen.

Just like last year it was cold. It even snowed the day before the regatta! It was also pretty windy in the morning with white caps and gusts blowing across the lake. I became very nervous when Diane Kampf said that she was not going to sail in the rough conditions because she will generally sail in anything. In the end her husband Greg Kampf convinced her to sail so all was good. Lets face it a Flying Scot is pretty hard to capsize on a moderately windy day even for an inexperienced sailor.

Getting in Shape for Spring

I like the fact that I need to stay in shape if I want to be a good small-boat sailor.

It’s hard to motivate myself to exercise when I don’t have a goal. Sailing gives me that goal. I know I do better when I’m at a reasonable weight, have a bit of aerobic capacity and don’t wear myself out holding the tiller on a windy day.

Older bodies take longer to get in shape so when February appears I know I’d better put in a little effort – less comfort food, walks when it’s warm enough, some bicycle style crunches every other day, lifting some modest weights to build a little endurance in my arms. It’s eight weeks until docks in and I want to be ready – well, at least sort of ready anyway.

So, welcome to the middle of winter; but don’t blink, spring is gaining on us. I’ll see you in April for race practice. Be ready or be sore.

Jay Livingston, Commodore

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