Flying Scot (Fleet 187)

The Flying Scot was chosen because of the strong racing heritage and strict one-design rules. StrictFlying Scot Logo one-design means that costly modifications are not required to make a used Scot competitive. Also, Flying Scot regattas tend to have from 20 to 50 competitors. Racing in a fleet this size gets your adrenalin pumping and helps to improve your skills. In addition, the Scot regattas tend to be great social events. New boats, used boats, parts, accessories, and other information are available from the builder, Flying Scot Inc. The Flying Scot Sailing Association also lists used boats and provides information about Flying Scot events. Both are good sites to get information about the Flying Scot. The sites also provide telephone numbers. Both the builder and the association are staffed and responsive to questions.

Summer is not over... Sunday Sailing, Last Blasts, and Chaos!

It might be getting a bit chilly outside but there is plenty of the 2015 sailing season left.  We will be sailing on Sundays as usual until October 11th.  On Saturday October 3rd the Flying Scot Fleet will be hosting their "Chaos Coup" that is allways a fun and well attended event.  The following weekend on Saturday October 10th is the Laser Fleet's "Last Blast Regatta".

Chaos - Another Great Regatta!

Winners Roger and laura Sharp
Winners Roger Sharp and his daughter Laura Sharp dominated the entire day.

We had another great "Chaos Cup" regatta last fall on October 17th at the Quannapowitt Yacht Club in Wakefield Massachusetts with seven boats attending. As always the QYC members pulled together to help out on the race committee boats and back at the club house in the kitchen.

Just like last year it was cold. It even snowed the day before the regatta! It was also pretty windy in the morning with white caps and gusts blowing across the lake. I became very nervous when Diane Kampf said that she was not going to sail in the rough conditions because she will generally sail in anything. In the end her husband Greg Kampf convinced her to sail so all was good. Lets face it a Flying Scot is pretty hard to capsize on a moderately windy day even for an inexperienced sailor.

No Guts, No Glory! 22nd Annual "Chaos Cup" Flying Scot Regatta

Before you put the boat away for the winter in 2009 there is one last regatta, North of the Carolina's, that you must attend!  October 17th, 2009 the Quannapowitt Yacht Club, 26 Linda Road in Wakefield, Massachusetts is hosting our annual Flying Scot Regatta affectionately known as "The Chaos Cup".  QYC has hosted "The Chaos Cup" regatta for twenty-two years.

Chaos Cup Returns!

On October 18th 2008, The Quannapowitt Yacht Club (Fleet 187) had the pleasure of hosting its first annual “Chaos Cup” regatta in the Flying Scot.  Traditionally the regatta was hosted in the International 110 but due to a lack of interest in the International 110 fleet at QYC we decided to re-brand the regatta and sail in the Flying Scot.  The regatta was usually hosted on Columbus Day weekend but this year due to scheduling conflicts we pushed it out a week.

In The Beginning There Was Nothing...


Calling It Quits

After everyone else had called it quits. After all of the turkey was gone. Brian and Steve declared the 2007 season over one week after the Thanks Giving holiday. They had been anxiosly watching the weather and predicted temperatures below freezing at night finally persuaded them to pull their boats out for the winter. Barely one week after the lake was mostly frozen over. Brian and Steve acquired their Scots this year and surely got their moneys worth.

Flying Scot Winter Boat Storage How-To

Let me start by saying that the way that I store my boat for the winter works for me. This method will not work for everyone and certainly not every boat type. This article is only intended to describe how I store my Flying Scot. When storing your boat make sure to take the properties of the surrounding area into consideration. I will describe some of the issues that you might see but it is not possible to cover every possible scenario.

Flying Scot Centerboard Repair

If you own a boat somewhere along the way you will have to do some epoxy and fiber glass work. It is not hard but it does require some planning and patience. For a while I had known that the centerboard in my Flying Scot was a mess. It got to the point that I did not even sweat it when I heard it banging on rocks. Last fall I decided that it was time to make the necessary repairs on the board during the winter. In the following text I describe what it takes to repair the end of a Flying Scot centerboard but thes

Flying Scot 2007 North American Championship Report

The Flying Scot North American Championships (NACs) were hosted at the Corinthian Yacht Club in Marblehead Massachusetts the week of July 10, 2006. A lot of hard work and dedication from the regatta volunteers provided a recipe for guaranteed success.

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